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Cedar Mountain Drums

We carry deer rawhide, elk rawhide, horse rawhide, moose rawhide and buffalo rawhide for drum making, as well as pre-cut rawhide lacing in deer, horse, elk and buffalo.  We make our own yellow cedar hoops and red cedar frames.  Also available are willow oak hoops for hand drums and maple hoops for both hand drums and powwow drums. For African and Middle Eastern drum repair, we carry calf and goat rawhide rounds in a variety of diameters.Raw Materials

It has taken years to find sources for the quality raw materials we offer for drum making, rattle making, and creating other traditional tools and instruments.


Rawhide from Deer, Elk, Horse, Moose, Buffalo

We are no longer offering  full sized Rawhide from Buffalo, Deer, Elk & Horse , and will focus on offering drums and drum kits.   Also, we are no longer offering machine Pre-cut lacing over the website.

Cedar, Willow Oak and Maple Drum Hoops & Frames for Drum Making
                 We are no longer offering drum frames, except as sold in kits. 

Pre-cut Round Goat & Calf Drum Heads for Drum Repair or Making
If you don't need a full hide or are wanting to make or repair African and Middle Eastern hand drums such as the djembe, doumbek or ashiko, we carry various sizes of Pre-cut Goat and Calf Rounds.  

Parts, Tools & Instructions for Rattle and Drum Making


Other Supplies include parts for rattles and beaters, instructions and tools like leather punches and All-Around Shears!


Craft Supplies (Sinew, Leather, etc.)



Deer, Elk, Moose and Buffalo products cannot be shipped outside the United States.


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Cedar Mountain Drums
2237 East Burnside Street
Portland, Oregon  97214

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